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Tower of Fantasy: Hyena’s Banges Base Quest Guide

The Hyena’s Banges Base quest is a quest that includes looking for clues that will allow you to get inside the Hyena’s base.




It’s no secret that there are tons of quests you can encounter in Tower of Fantasy. One such quest is the Hyena’s Banges base quest which basically tasks you with looking for clues so you can get inside of the base.

If you’re struggling to figure this out, then this guide is for you.

Hyena’s Banges Base Quest Guide in Tower of Fantasy

To start, you want to open your map and teleport to the Banges Dock spacerift. Upon arriving, talk to Port Guard Lozwall just up ahead in order to start the quest. During your conversation, he’ll tell you that there’s a secret Hyena base on the sea near Banges.

He’ll also provide you with the password that you’ll need to enter that base.

After finishing the conversation, the quest is then completed. The next step you have to do is head over to this area of the map:

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Once you arrive, you’ll see a hyena guarding the base. There will be three choices during your dialogue, and you just have to pick the third one regarding being a free hyena. After that, he will then let you into their base.

Inside the base, you can head over to the highest point to loot a Special supply pod that contains the Cockpit part for the Omnium Beast among other rewards.

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