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Tower of Fantasy: Food Recipe Guide | Which are the Best Recipes to Cook

In Tower of Fantasy, you need to choose which recipe to cook in order to get the most out of the ingredients that you have collected.




While cooking doesn’t seem like a major feature in Tower of Fantasy, it does provide a handful of amazing benefits that you just can’t live without. In particular, eating food will increase your Satiety which, in turn, allows you to recover health upon leaving battle.

Each time you lost HP after a battle, your character will regenerate that lost HP and consume satiety in the process. Once your satiety reaches zero, you’ll no longer be able to regenerate your health. This is why you need to have cooked food ready.

In this guide, I’ll share with you the cooking mechanic and show you which recipes you want to focus on making.

Food Recipe Guide | Which are the Best Recipes to Cook in Tower of Fantasy

To start cooking, you just need to look for a cooking pot, click on it, then click on the Cooking option. This will open up the cooking menu where you can find various recipes to choose from. Each recipe has its own requirements, so you’ll need to gather those requirements before you can start cooking.

Also, each recipe has varying effects, which is why if you want to make the most out of cooking, you want to focus on cooking the following recipes only:

Caterpillar Fungus Noodles

Designed specifically for healing, the Caterpillar Fungus Noodles grants 20 satiety and restores 20% of your HP alongside a flat 60,000 HP restoration effect. It requires three Brown Rice and one Caterpillar Fungus to cook.

Resistance-Increasing Recipes

The recipes that belong in this section provide the same amount of resistance bonus, with each of them specializing in a single resistance. They’re as follows:

  • Juicy BLT – Increases Fire Resistance and requires two Brown Rice, two Poultry Egg, and one Fatty Cut
  • Braised Meat – Increases Frost Resistance and requires one Braised Meat
  • Snail Baked Rice – Increases Physical Resistance and requires two Rice and one Snail
  • Grilled Steak – Increases Volt Resistance and requires one Prime Rib Cut

Each of these recipes grants 15% resistance to their respective element as well as a 675 flat bonus. Also, the effect lasts for 1,200 seconds which is honestly quite long. Not only that, but they also provide you with 20 satiety.

Attack-Increasing Recipes

Compared to the previous one, recipes in this category increase the type of damage you deal. They’re as follows:

  • Salmon Sashimi – Increases Frost Damage and requires a single Lake Bass
  • Truffle Fried Rice – Increases Physical Damage and requires two Rice, one Black Truffle, and one Onion
  • Purple Yam Pie – Increases Volt Damage and requires three Brown Rice and one Purple Yam
  • Steak with Sauce – Increase Flame Damage and requires three Firecap and one Prime Cut

Each of the recipes provides you with a 2% increase in their respective element as well as a 150 flat bonus. Similar to the resistance-increasing recipes, they also restore 20 satiety and last for 1,200 seconds.

Sweet Pomegranate Juice

If you love exploring the world of Tower of Fantasy, then this food is a must-have. Basically, it restores 600 stamina and 16% of your health alongside a 34,000 flat bonus. To cook this, you’ll need two Honey, two Carbonated Water, and two Phosphogranate.

There are also other food recipes apart from these. However, most of them are just weaker versions of the ones we have so far. The only upside is that they require fewer ingredients that are also more common. However, if you have plenty of ingredients to spare, then these recipes are the most worth it.

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