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Tower of Fantasy: A-03 Hard All Chests Locations

Ruin A-03 is one of the many ruins you can encounter in the game, and just like the others, you can find several chests inside of it.




There are plenty of ruins that you can find all throughout the world of Adia in Tower of Fantasy. One of them is the Ruin A-03 which you can find in coordinates -923.4, 612.5 somewhere around the Aesperia region.

As with other ruins, it contains several chests with some loots inside of them. If you want to know where to find these chests, then this guide is for you.

A-03 Hard All Chests Locations in Tower of Fantasy

You can enter the Ruin A-03 dungeon under three different difficulties, just like all other ruins in the game. These are Easy, Normal, and Hard. Of course, the harder the difficulty, the better the rewards. However, it also means the higher the requirements in order to enter one.

For this one, we’ll go for the Hard difficulty. With the Hard difficulty, you can find up to 6 chests which allow you to get a lot of amazing loots.

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Getting All Chests Inside

To start, you want to head over to the coordinates mentioned earlier. Here, you’ll see the entrance to the ruin. As you get inside, you want to turn left to see some metal scaffolding. On top of this will be your first chest. To get it, you have to deploy the Omniun Handcannon relic to get on top. Loot the chest to get one Weapon battery II and Matrix data pack II.

Move forward and you’ll immediately find a rock wall. Once again, use your handcannon to get on top, and on the right will be another chest containing the same loots. Keep going forward, and on the left, you’ll see a broken pillar lying on the ground. Just below it is yet another chest.

After looting the third chest, look to the right of the area to find another chest on top of a platform. As usual, use your handcannon. This time, fire it at the wall in front of you to create a platform that you can jump on and cross to the other side.

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Loot the chest and continue moving forward. You’ll come across a huge gap on the ground. Use the handcannon to get to the other side.

Turn right to see a small room with lasers on it and a chest. Shoot the handcannon at the ground to cause a column to block the lasers and disable them. This will allow you to loot the chest. Keep moving forward, and up ahead is an even larger gap with lasers on it. Before you cross it, drop down on the ledge to find your final chest right below.

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