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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Legendary Weapons Guide

Though all legendary weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands are rare and hard to get, not all of them are going to be equally useful for all your characters. So, here’s everything you need to know about Legendary Weapons.




Like in the Borderlands series, legendary weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands give you an incredible advantage over enemies, but some are more suited for particular builds than others. Here, we’ll be showing the effects of every known legendary weapon as well as their drop location, though not every weapon has a 100% confirmed drop point, so these won’t have their locations listed.

Legendary Weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Guide

The list will first mention the name of the weapon, then from what it drops and finally, its effect. If the drop location or the effect is unknown, it will have a question mark. The type of weapon will be included in the brackets

Lil K’s Bread Slicer (AR) – World Drop – Fires 3 saw blades instead of bullets. Saw blades can bounce through enemies until it hits a wall.

Manual Transmission (AR) – Vorcanar Drop – Just as the gun sounds, you’re gonna be shifting gears and build up a lot of Fire Rate which can go really fast.

Crossbolt Generator (SG) – Caster … Skeleton Drop – Critical Hits ricochet 1 bullet at the enemy.

Gloomy Carrouser (Sniper Rifle) – Chaos Chamber Mini-Boss Drop – Critical Hits ricochet 1 Crossbolt at the nearest enemy.

Aphotic Antique Greatbow (Sniper Rifle) – Thorne Shadow Drop – Projected front-facing ward reflects bullets back at attackers.

Dry’l’s Fury (Sniper Rifle) – Dry’l Drop – Creates an orb that can be shot, causing it to arc to enemies and deal damage.

Practiced Envy (Sniper Rifle) – King Q’urub Drop – ?

Cannonballer (RPG) – LeChance Drop – Shoots out a cannonball that does a pretty substantial radius explosion upon contact with an enemy and can bounce off surfaces.

Rouge Imp (AR) – World Drop – Whenever your weapon breaks, the reload animation will spawn three flaming bats that will divebomb nearby enemies.

Thunder Anima (AR) – ? – ?

Liquid Cooling (Pistol) – Lissia Drop – While the weapon normally overheats after a couple of shots, every critical hit causes the heat to go down.

Blue Cake (RPG) – Chaos Chamber Mini-boss Drop – The projectiles shot split after flying a set distance.

Quad Bow – ? – ?

The Apex (Pistol) – Dragon Lord Drop – Swaps between 2 and 4 shot bursts. Every Crossbolt deals 3% increased damage for every crossbolt stuck in a target. The effect lasts 5 seconds.

Perceiver of the Peak (Pistol) – Oculus Drop – Slows down shot enemies.

Ruby’s Spite (Pistol) – Monstrous Shroom – Occasionally, killing enemy increases the weapon’s fire rate.

Live Wire (SMG) – World Drop – The laser tethers to the target.

White Rider (SMG) – Wastard Drop – The beam shot by the weapon splits after hitting the enemy and chains to another one.

Skeep Prod (Sniper Rifle) – ? – ?

Circuitus Gyre (SG) – Chaos Chamber – ?

Red Hellion (SG) – Obsidian Wyvern Drop – The faster you move, the more shots you can fire.

Blazing Volley (SMG) – World Drop – Shoots fire beams, highly effective versus flesh enemies.

Wizard’s Pipe (SMG) – Parasite Drop – Shoots slow moving projectiles, and every often it shoots 1-2 elemental balls which adapt to enemies’ weakness.

Kao Khan (Sniper Rifle) – Miniboss drop – Damage to projected front-facing ward amplifies weapon damage.

Catatumbo (Pistol) – World Drop   – Whenevr you’ll land a crit, a lightning bolt will strike the target and anything near it.

Masterwork Handbow (Pistol) – Captain Swallow Drop – Critical Hits ricochet 6 Crossbolts at the nearest enemy, fires 1 round per clip, but Critical Hits regenerate ammo.

Crossblade (SG) – Gloopathoth Drop – Shoots a cross formed projectile that deals dual elemental damage and can shoot through walls.

Reign of Arrows (SG) – Chaos Chamber Miniboss Drop – Projects a giant circle instead of a crosshair upon equipping. Shoots a bust of arrows that greatly damages enemies upon impact. Summons a barrage of magical arrows from above after hitting with the initial arrows.

Gluttony (Pistol) – Droll the Troll Drop – Dealing damage with it restores your health.

Boniface’s Soul (Pistol) – Mushroom Healer Drop – Thrown weapon homes in on enemies and explodes on impact.

Sworderang (SG) – Mandiblon Drop – Reload spins through the air like a boomerang. Explodes on impact.

Borea’s Breath (SMG) – Ribula Drop – Reload throw spawns frost spikes on every bounce.

Fragment Rain (SMG) – Chaos Chamber Miniboss Drop – Reload explodes on impact

Shadowfire (SMG) – Mushcroom Healer Droop – Reload casts pillar of elemental dmg on impact

Throwable Hole (SMG) – Chaos Chamber – Reload creates black hole, throwing additional reloads at hole expands it.

Message (Pistol) – World Drop – Shoots fish that explodes repeatedly

Hawkins’ Wrath (SG) – Chaos Chamber – Shoots wyverns                                              

Swordsplosion (SG) – LeChance Drop – Stickies enlarge when exploded. Stuck swords increase dmg by 30% each.

AUTOMAGIC.exe (Pistol) – Banshee Drop – Main fire mode homes in on target.

Queen’s Cry (Pistol) – The Maker Drop – Has a chance to summon meteors on crits sometimes

Donkey (AR) – Droll the Troll Drop – Sawblades deal +1% dmg for each sawblade in target. Sawblades last 4s.

Portable Sawmill (Sniper Rifle) – Chaos Chamber – ?

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