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Timberborn: How to Survive Dry Season

The threat to your beaver commune comes in the form of Dry Seasons in Timberborn. However, with this guide, you should be able to survive even the longest draughts.




Though most of the time, Timberborn is a relaxing city-building game, every so often there’ll come a Dry Season that tests your beaver managing skills. These seasons can be hard to get through, especially if you didn’t prepare beforehand. So, here’s all you need to do to ensure your beaver commune will survive the draughts.

How to Survive Dry Seasons in Timberborn

How to Survive Dry Seasons in Timberborn

The most important thing you’ll need to survive the Dry Season is a dam. Building it on top of a river will stop the water from drying out during the draught. A dam costs 20 logs and takes up a 1x1x1 space. It can be found in the resources menu, under the eight tab. You can build it on almost any body of water.

Storing Wood

How to Survive Dry Seasons in Timberborn

Now, although a dam will create a stable water source for hard times, you’ll still need to store a lot of resources before a Dry Season, if you want to survive. Build at least one warehouse for storing wood.

If you don’t know how to gather wood, place Lumberjack Flags next to the trees, mark the ones you want to cut, and connect the flags with the rest of your city using paths. Build Log Piles nearby, place a few Gatherer Flags and connect all of these with the Warehouse to store the collected wood.

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