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Timberborn: How to Increase Population

To survive the increasingly longer dry seasons, you’ll need a big civilization, and to sustain a big civilization, you’ll need to increase your beaver population.




Though at first, increasing your population in Timberborn might not seem necessary, as the game will progress, you may notice that you lack workers for certain, more complicated tasks. And in order to increase your population, you’ll have to follow a set of rules, different for both factions present in the game.

How to Increase Population in Timberborn

How to Increase Population in Timberborn

Your population will increase on its own if certain prerequisites are made. However, those requirements differ, depending on which faction you play as – Folktails or Iron Teeth. Folktails use buildings called lodges, while Iron Teeth have Breeding Pods.

Increasing Population as Folktails

Increasing Population as Folktails

Though Folktails can technically live and sleep on the ground, to increase population, you’ll need to build Lodges for them to live in. each Lodge can contain three beavers, but you want to place two in one lodge. If you do that, after a while, the third space in the lodge will be occupied by a baby beaver.

But, Folktails will not procreate if they’re unhappy. If you want to increase population, make sure to set give the beaver short working hours and keep a steady supply of food. You can also place campfires near the lodges, or even inside the huts, to quickly increase your worker’s happiness.

Increasing Population as Iron Teeth

Increasing Population as Iron Teeth

If you’re playing as Iron Teeth, your job is a bit easier. Once you’ve built a Breeding Pod, all you need to do is supply it with water and barriers to make more beavers. You don’t need to worry about the population’s happiness (at least, not in this case). But, try not to overpopulate your commune – only breed new beavers when they are needed.

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