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Thymesia: Best Talent Points to Get First

Spending your points on the right set of talents would make your playthrough much easier in Thymesia.




Every time you Level up you will gain a talent point that you can use on beacons scattered throughout the game. You could also freely reset your talents from the beacon as you come across different types of enemies and you equip different kinds of weapons.

Here is a list of Must Have talents that you should spend early on to make leveling up easier.

Best Talent Points to Get First in Thymesia

The first talent you should focus on especially early on is Healing Execution on the Saber tab. With this, you get health and energy restored based on the enemy level after performing an execution.

Health is a valuable commodity in Thymesia and restoring some of it after fights up your potions for emergencies.

Must-Have Talents

Next on the list is Sharp Weapons which increase your attack damage. The higher damage you inflict shortens the time for you to kill enemies and lessens the chance for you to misstep and take damage from them.

When you unlock Plague Weapons in the game, you should also get the Plague Weapons talent from the strategy tab to unlock a second slot for you to equip 2 plague weapons at a time.

Plague Wounds should be your next talent to unlock. With this in effect, you can stop the enemy from healing wound effects for a short period of time. The wound bar is the white bar that you need to damage before dealing damage to the enemy.

Luck is another good talent to invest in early on because it increases item drops from enemies. this is very useful when farming skill shots so you can upgrade your plague weapons and it increases getting skill shots by revving enemies.

The next talent that you should focus on would be Energised Weapon, depending on the weapon you equip, pick the energized talent so you can restore your energy through basic attacks for performing plague skills.

Claw Talents

The next talent to invest in depends on what type of claw you would be focusing on. The choice is the Long Claw or the Short Claw.

Claw attacks are one of the main attacks you would use to deal damage. Choose the talent based on the type of claw skill you are going for to receive additional health in combo enders and up your damage.

The next talent you should invest in is a choice between deflecting or dodging attacks. This all depends on what type of action you do either by deflecting incoming attacks or moving out of their way by dodging.

Deflecting or Dodging Talents

As you level up you should focus on either deflecting talent tree or the dodge talent tree. Getting these shorten your recovery time to use the move and grants you defense buffs as well.

Resetting Talent Points

You could re spend your talents on any beacon you have unlocked so choosing the right talents depending on your play style is much more easier and gives you more freedom to experiment with the right talent and playstyle that suits you.

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Genshin Impact: Thutmose’s Secret Base Password | Hidden Mercenaries Quest Guide

Access the Thutmose’s Secret Base. Just say the word!





The newly added map location, Sumeru, is an island that has a lot of secrets that are yet to be discovered. One of which is the password for you to enter Thutmose’s Secret Base.

Looking for the password and unlocking the base is [art of the Hidden Mercenaries quest. In order to finish the quest, you must be able to find out the password to the pyramid.

The location of this pyramid can be found between the Valley of Dahri and the Dune of Elusion. If you try to access this, you will need to approach the Operate Device and it will ask you for the password. Since you still haven’t learned the password, Paimon will give a suggestion on how you can know Thutmose’s Secret Base password.

Find out the secret base’s password by reading through the end of this guide.

Thutmose’s Secret Base Password | Hidden Mercenaries Quest Guide in Genshin Impact

Once you interact with the Operate Device, there will be nothing you can give since you still do not know the secret password yet. From there, Paimon will ask you to listen and follow some Eremites around which you will be doing.

To start with that, you have to look for an Eremite NPC walking around. But it will be not just any Eremite NPC. You have to look for the one with the light sign on the head.

With that, try to walk to the east of the pyramid. As you go through that side, you will see a lady Eremite. Since this is a secret password, you can’t just walk to her and ask for the password because there is no way she will give it to you.

Having said that, you have to switch from running to walking. Keep a close distance from the lady but make sure she doesn’t see you, so make sure to follow her stealthily.

From time to time, the Eremite will have short monologues that you have to pay attention to.

After a few minutes of following her, the lady Eremite will mention to herself the password to the pyramid: Marg bar parvezravan.

Now that you already know the password, go back to the front of the pyramid entrance. Interact again with the Operate Device, and choose the first option.

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