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Throne and Liberty: Ultimate Map Guide

Explore the giant open world!




Throne and Liberty features a massive open world that players can explore as they like. The main focus of the game is its world, and it’s really apparent in the map design. Traversal is seamless and you can explore the massive environment as you want. 

With a map this big though, some confusion is inevitable. In this guide, we will be going through everything you need to know about Throne and Liberty’s map.

Ultimate Map Guide

Throne and Liberty has one of the best maps in the MMORPG genre. We’ll be discussing some of the landmark locations to visit, as well as some of its features in detail.


The game starts on the left side of the map, in the city of Kastleton. This area is a pretty standard one, as it’s meant to be the starting area. It’s gorgeous though, featuring decorations based on current events too. For example, they’ll feature Christmas Trees during Christmas Time.

Kastleton in Throne and Liberty

Another interesting area is the “Starlight Observatory Ruins” area. This is situated on a higher plane and you can observe a good chunk of landscape while standing here. This is a common hangout place as well, so you’ll be sure to find some other players online here as well. 

Starlight Observatory Ruins in Throne and Liberty

The next area we’re going to talk about is the Titanreach Ruins. This area features a massive castle, along with battlegrounds. In the future, this will be the main place for sieges. Keep an eye on this area, as it looks great and will be frequently visited later on.

Titanreach Ruins in Throne and Liberty

Throne and Liberty also feature massive desert terrains to explore with loot in them. Usually, the big and open areas are accompanied by a smaller village area. An example of this is the Vienta Village, which is right next to a massive desert. 

Vienta Village in Throne and Liberty

Another neat thing about the map in this game is that it features a lot of smaller locations where players usually gather. For instance, an Oasis in the desert. The Sanctuary Oasis is one such area, and players can be found hanging out here.

Sanctuary Oasis in Throne and Liberty

The last type of areas on the map are structures. These are man-made structures and typically feature well-designed interiors and exteriors. The architecture in these locations is much more complex than the villages and natural landmarks like the Oasis. 

An example of an area of this sort is the Purelight Tower. Many players also can be found online here, and the view from the top is incredible. The Purelight Tower is also one of the highest structures in the game. 

Purelight Tower in Throne and Liberty


In the screen, on the left side of the screen, you have some different tabs of features. The rightmost is the Timetable feature. This highlights events, such as Guild Events, and when they will be happening. These happen every few hours, and doing them will give you awards.

Timetable in Throne and Liberty

To incentivize exploration, the game also features Exploration Quests. These are just here to get you to explore new areas. They’re usually simple and short, but you get to explore more of the open world by doing them. 

Exploration Quests in Throne and Liberty

If what you want from your MMORPGs is a massive gorgeous open world, then Throne and Liberty is your game. Currently, there are not many games that can challenge this game’s massive world and non-linear design. Give this a try, you won’t regret it. 

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