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Throne and Liberty: Best Weapons to Use and How to Get Them

Destroy your enemies with these top tier weapons!




In Throne and Liberty, you’re only as good as your weapons. Having the best ones will win you fights, and get you respect in the best guilds. There are a lot of weapons available to collect and be rewarded by, but what are the best ones?

It’s a pain to be stuck with sub-par weapons, which is a pain we understand. We’ve organized the top 5 weapons in Throne and Liberty in a list for you. As a bonus, their location is also highlighted!

Best Weapons to Use and How to Get Them

There are a ton of different types of weapons in Throne and Liberty, and we’re ranking the best of them overall. There’ll be more information for each weapon below.

Queen Bellandir’s Blade

The first weapon we’re taking a look at is a Blade Sword. To get your hands on it, you need to find and kill Queen Bellandir. She can be found in the Sandworm Lair. She is a high-level boss, so be sure to level up before confronting this beast. In fact, she’s the hardest boss in the game at the moment. 

Sandworm Lair in Throne and Liberty

She spawns and is beatable only once a week, so be on the lookout. This is the case for all Archbosses. These are server-wide events and you can see when they’re available in the Dailies section. 

The sword itself has some of the best stats in the game. It has a really solid ability called Quicksand too, which can slow enemies down and pull them toward you. This sword is best suited for Tank builds, as it’s for melee players first and foremost. 

Blade in Throne and Liberty

Queen Bellandir’s Annihilation Crossbow

The same boss drops the Queen Bellandir’s Annihilation Crossbow too. This is one of the best Crossbows available to you, with very high base stats as well as one of the best passives in the game. 

Crossbow in Throne and Liberty

Every time you hit an enemy with a critical shot, they’ll have the negative status Poison applied to them. This does 50 damage every second and can be stacked. It only lasts 3 seconds, but that’s still 150 damage without stacking. 

Crossbows are very very fast. If you’re shooting an enemy over and over, there’s a massive chance of critical shots landing back-to-back and applying long-term Poison status. Enemies can’t heal while they’re poisoned either, so this is an extremely overpowered passive skill. 

Queen Bellandir’s Domination Wand

Queen Bellandir’s Domination Wand is very aptly named, as it dominates every single other weapon in the game. It is probably the single most broken weapon in the game. It has insane base stats, but that’s not the reason it’s as broken as it is.

Wand in Throne and Liberty

The Queen Bellandir’s Explosive Insect is by far the most unbalanced and busted ability in the entire game for PvP. Basically, you can shoot an insect at an enemy. If it inflicts burn, the insect explodes. This insect exploding does a lot of damage, to both your target and all the people surrounding it.

In PvP, players are usually very closely packed together. This means that your explosion has a chance to apply burn on other enemies, repeating the explosion. This could theoretically loop for a long time. You can probably understand why this weapon is as overpowered as it is now. 

Tevent’s Despair Blade:

Tevent is another Archboss similar to Queen Bellandir. He also can be fought only once a week and drops a ton of great gear. To find him, you have to head to the Ruins of Turayne. Once again this is a very hard enemy to fight, so be careful. 

Ruins of Turayne in Throne and Liberty

Tevent can drop a greatsword called Tevent’s Despair Blade. This has extremely high base damage, of 94 – 174. Not only that, but its bonus can allow you to do 150% of base damage to a single target through the Despair Trap.

Despair Blade in Throne and Liberty

Greatswords primarily depend on stuns and shocks in this game, so it’ll be quite easy to trigger the Despair Trap. This is not quite as good as the wand we discussed previously, but it’s one the best greatswords in the game. Check this out if you’re a greatsword main. 

Tevent’s Screaming Bow:

Tevent’s Screaming Bow is the best bow currently available in the game. With a maximum damage of 164, it’s not hard to see why. Its passive ability lets you do bonus damage while Strafing, which can be useful as there’s no reason to play without strafing in this game.

Bow in Throne and Liberty

All in all, these are generally considered to be the strongest weapons in the game. Getting these is extremely difficult, as only one of each item is dropped per boss kill. As the fights are server-wide events, many players are clamoring to get them. We wish you good luck and happy grinding!

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