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The Quarry: Unlock the Chapter Select Guide

As a series of cutscenes, there are several outcomes for each decision you made for the game. You can still unlock and re-do a chapter if you want to try something; here’s how




The quarry is a game that contains several series of cutscenes where your chosen brand or action affects its result. The decision created by the player will determine the ending of the story wherein each mod contains “everyone lives” “everyone dies” and “gorefest”.

To unlock the Chapters, the only thing you need to do is to finish the entire story.

How to unlock the Chapter Select Guide

When you want to change the ending of the story, your option is to deselect a chapter on this game and select a different decision.

But before you unlock the Chapter Select Guide, you must finish the entire game with any ending. No matter what the outcome; finishing the game with doesn’t matter.

How Chapter Select Works

Chapter select works if you want to change a decision on a particular chapter to get a completely different ending. It allows the player to select a chapter wherein they can choose the other option of the decision to create a better or worse ending.

Chapter Select is used to replay a chapter of the game. However, to unlock the chapter select again, you must finish the entire game again. For example, if you want to replay Chapter 2 – you have to finish the entire story from Chapter 2 – 10.

However, you cannot jump from your selected chapter to the end chapter to find out the changes that happened. You will completely finish the entire story to find out the end. If you select chapter 2, change the decision you made – then you have to completely finish it until Chapter 10.

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