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The Last Spell: How to Get More Heroes

Surviving more than a couple of days in The Last Spell is nearly impossible with only three heroes. Yet, the game doesn’t tell you how to get more…




When you begin a new game in The Last Spell, you’ll be forced to use three random heroes. But as the game will progress, the fights will get much tougher and without a new hero, surviving will be nearly impossible. But the road to recruiting a new hero isn’t all that easy either.

How to Get More Heroes in The Last Spells

How to Get More Heroes in The Last Spells

New heroes are recruited via the inn. You can built it in your city for 180 gold. Doesn’t seem like a hard challenge, right? Well, before you’ll be able to built an inn, you need to unlock it. This can be done by surviving the fifth night, which in itself is pretty hard using only three heroes.

The Cost of Heroes

How to Get More Heroes in The Last Spells

Once you’ll be able to build an inn, you’ll get access to the selection of recruitable heroes which rerolls every day. You can also use 30 gold to reroll the roster immediately. Recruiting a hero also costs some money, depending on that hero’s level and the amount of characters you’re already using.

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