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The Last Faith: Aldrich’s Quest – A Hunger, Sated Achievement & Trophy Guide

Aldrich’s hunger may lead him astray if you don’t help in time.




Aldrich is one of the many NPCs you’ll meet in The Last Faith, and completing his quests will unlock the “A Hunger, Sated” achievement.

The man is half insane and is dealing with a cursed hunger he can’t seem to sate. It’s up to Eryk to try to find ways to help the poor man, preventing him from going on a rampage.

In this guide, we’ll take you through every step to completing this quest.

How to Complete Aldrich’s Quest

Aldrich's Quest step 1: meet him
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The first step of this quest is to meet Aldrich. He rests in a nook of the City of Mythringal that is only accessible through the Site Cave.

Aldrich's location

Refer to the map above to see how to reach Aldrich from the Site Cave. Basically, you need to take the top right exit out of the area and into the City of Mythringal.

Aldrich at the manor

Speak with him and he’ll relocate to your hub, the Oxnevylle’s Manor. He’ll make himself at home in the middle right room reachable by using the Grapple Hook.

Talking with Aldrich at the manor in The Last Faith

Now, talk with Aldrich at the manor as well. He’ll talk to you about his troubles and his strange urges.

Tome in the Ordens Regnant Palace

Moving on, you’ll now need to reach the Ordens Regnant Palace. Make your way to the long room in the top left of the palace.

You’ll also need to have acquired the ability to transform by now! It’s obtained by locating the Stigma of Transcendence during the main story.

Transformed jump

Stand close to the ledge and transform, then jump to your left and do an air dash.

Reaching the far ledge

This will allow you to reach a far ledge with a trio of spectral enemies; quickly deal with these enemies!

Tome of Oisak location

With the enemies dead, approach the leftmost side of the balcony to pick up The Tome of Oisak.

Now, it’s absolutely vital that you return to Oxnevylle’s Manor as soon as possible. Do not progress the story any further until you do, or Aldrich will turn and fail the quest.

Aldrich's Quest completion in The Last Faith

Anyway, return to Aldrich’s room at the Oxnevylle’s Manor and give him The Tome of Oisak. He will reward you with the Cosmic Echo spell, completing the quest and unlocking the “A Hunger, Sated” achievement!

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