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The DioField Chronicle: Tops Tips and Tricks for New Players

There are numerous things to keep in mind when engaging in battle during DioField Chronicle that new players may be unaware of. We’ve compiled online resources for first time players into a comprehensive tips and tricks guide.




Given that any strategy game like Fire Emblem can be difficult enough to get into with a comprehensive tutorial or walk-through – DioField Chronicle’s brief battle tutorial and complete lack of in-game resources for the outside of battle elements can leave new players perplexed.

We’ve composed a brief guide on the many aspects new players might be confused about and compressed them into a top tips and tricks for new players guide.

Understanding the game’s mechanics fully will not only help you enjoy the experience more, but will also help you to develop a stronger party and team with your characters.

Top Tips and Tricks for The DioField Chronicle

  • You can trace back to checkpoints within battle. This includes things such as sieging a base, or prior to a boss fight.

You can always revert back to these checkpoints at no cost or penalty, so don’t be scared to experiment with battle tactics or skill implementation early on to figure out what works best for your play style. You never have to exit the map to reformulate, as you revisit checkpoints an unlimited number of times.

  • Ensure you always check the corresponding weapon skills before you purchase or unlock new weapons. Not all skills will correspond to all weapons. If you’d like to make Waltaquin a primary healing unit, you need to ensure any new staff you purchase has Heal, and supports your build.
  • You can reserve AP and use it later. You don’t need to spend AP (Ability Points) immediately on your party members. Some abilities require much more AP investment, and it’s better to have a course or path formulated beforehand with what abilities you want to allocate AP to before doing so blindly.
  • Disrupting enemy skills is a vital part of battles. If you utilize skills or abilities that prevent enemy movement, you don’t need to worry about fleeing in the path of an enemy’s skill with a larger range. Always ensure you have enough EP reserved to utilize things like Frostbind (Freeze).
  • Hold out on using Bahamut until you reach bosses. While it might be tempting to summon the dragon the moment you’ve reached full TP, it is always more wise to save it for bosses or end-runs on timed missions.
  • Aim for Ambush attacks. Attacking enemies from behind will yield far greater damage. This means finding ways to try and sneak up on enemy units or orchestrate attacks from behind. You can also set Waypoints to more easily get behind enemies.
  • Have a unit from each of the four classes as a Leader. This will help to optimally balance out the party. Adjutants only share their skills with the Leader; that is the only way they help contribute to the overall party. This means you need to avoid pairing Leaders with lower EP with Adjustants that have high EP cost skills. That kind of pairing just wouldn’t be feasible.
  • Run through Practice Battles as much as you can stand to do. This will help ensure you attain more AP and SP without having to progress through the main missions. To unlock Practice Battles, all you have to do is complete the Coswell Volcano Expedition mission. This can help you to grind through leveling up your characters by replaying previous missions at any point in the campaign. 
  • Waltaquin – keep an eye out on investing too much into her character. Without spoiling too much, don’t place too much emphasis or focus on buffing her character within the progression of the story.

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Genshin Impact: Invisible Barrier Quest Guide

Finish the World Quest by completing this sub-quest.





New characters, quests, bosses, and more will be available thanks to Genshin Impact’s most recent update. With this, it is now possible to visit the Sumeru Desert. The Invisible Barrier sub-quest is one of the new missions you can encounter in this new area; we’ll teach you how to finish it.

Invisible Barrier Quest Guide in Genshin Impact

You must locate an exquisite chest amid a ruin with invisible walls for the sub-quest, The Invisible Barrier. You are required to look for 4 ruins. After completing the Dual Evidence World Quest, speak with Soheil to receive this sub-quest.

Completing the Invisible Barrier Quest

Soheil will mark the 4 ruins on your map after you’ve finished speaking with him. We will first visit the ruins to the south of Khemenu Temple.

Teleport to the Dune of Elusion waypoint, then proceed north to the ruins. You can locate a Primal Light at the entrance to the ruin.

To make a cell, bring it to the Keystone Replicator. Touch the cell to reveal a hidden mechanism beneath the sand. To clear the sand, use an Anemo skill. Interact with the the door on the right to unlock it. To finish the ruin, open the Exquisite Chest inside.

From where the first ruin is, turn southwest.

Bring the Primal Light to a nearby Keystone Replicator. To open a door, wait until the cell is connected to the one you spawned. Open the Exquisite Chest inside to finish the ruin.

To go to the next ruin, travel west from the Statue of the Seven north of Khemenu Temple.

To access the ruins, you must discover a device that will open the door. Unlock the mechanism by removing the Primal Construct that is protecting it.

Enter the ruin and bring the Primal Light to the Keystone Replicator. Go upstairs after touching the Verity Cell. Head down into the little opening you will find on the ground. Once you get to an Exquisite Chest, continue on the journey. Open the chest to complete the ruin.

The final ruin is located north of the Mausoleum of King Deshrat . Go to the Garden of Endless Pillars Domain through teleportation.

Once inside the ruin, search for a device. When you interact with it, a door opens in front of you, leading to a Primal Light and an Exquisite Chest. Rotate the cell twice and bring it to the Replicator Keystone. Turn to the right to obtain the Exquisite Chest and finish the ruin.

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