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The Cycle Frontier: Where to find Optic Glass

The Cycle Frontier is a free-to-play, first-person shooter game set in a universe where interstellar travel is possible.




This game is a competitive, fast-paced shooting game with a combination of player versus environment and player versus player gameplay. You need to defeat hostile monsters determined to kill you and rival players as you hunt for resources to extract on an alien planet within 20 minutes.

Where to find the Optic Glass –The Cycle Frontier

The Optic Glass is a rare crafting material used for contracts and manufacturing scope attachments for weapons. If finding enough optic glasses in Cycles Frontier proves difficult, this quick guide will help you with different locations to help you farm as many Optic Glasses as possible.

Waterfall Lab

The Optic Glass is located in several places on the map, but the most contested area is the Waterfall Lab. The Waterfall Lab is located in the northeast corner of the map.

As a warning, you have to keep your eyes on the ground in this location because other players know that lots of Optic Glasses are found here, which means you’ll be getting into many Pvp(player versus player)fights in this area.

Rock Pool

There is a tall building in the Rockpool. Unlike the Waterfall Lab, it has a high concentration of Optic Lenses and is relatively safe without being in too much danger. It is located next to an extraction area in the lower western quadrant of the map.

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