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The Cycle Frontier: Where to Find Copper Wire

Though Copper Wire is technically a common material in The Cycle Frontier, in reality it seems to be incredibly difficult to find. Fortunately, there are a few ways to increase the chances of getting it.




Some materials are hard to find by design in The Cycle Frontier, but there are some common materials you’ll need that never seem to spawn anywhere. One such material is copper wire, and you’ll need plenty of it for upgrades.

Where to Find Copper Wire in Cycle Frontier

Copper Wire is an item manufactured by one specific faction – Korolev. This means that only Korolev structures will have it lying around. Though technically, you have a very small chance of finding one in every container in the game.

Looking in the Korolev’s Structures

Where to Find Copper Wire in Cycle Frontier

The map above shows the Korolev-owned structures on the Bright Sands map. By design, the Copper Wire should always spawn in large numbers in the East Extraction point, but that is not always the case in reality. It’s also a low danger zone, so you can always look there for Copper Wire, even if you’ve just started playing.

Korolev Puzzles

Where to Find Copper Wire in Cycle Frontier

Three out of four Korolev structures have special Puzzles you can complete to get access to specific rooms with a lot of loot. Though this doesn’t guarantee you’ll get Copper Wire there, it does increase your chances during each game. These are not terribly hard, only requiring you to find a few batteries in one of the locations and bring inserting them into the battery slots.

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