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The Cycle Frontier: Water Facility Puzzle | Doing The Work Part 2

The Water Facility puzzle is something players have to complete as part of the Doing The Work questline.




While the water facility puzzle is fairly simple, it can be a bit confusing to know what you even have to do at first. With this guide, you’ll know what to do and what to look for.

Water Facility Puzzle in The Cycle Frontier

The Water Facility puzzle is done during part 2 of the Doing The Work questline. For this puzzle, you’ll need to find 3 power sources or mini-reactors that are required to power up and open a door. When you find them, carry them to the front of the door and place them where the game tells you to.

 However, the position of the power sources varies. They can be found on top of the railings at times, while at other times they might be inside one of the rooms in the area. You’ll have to look around to find them yourself. There’s is a small room that seems to consistently have two of them. It’s the building being aimed at in the picture below.

Water Facility Puzzle in The Cycle Frontier

You’ll have to access that small building from its rooftop by jumping on top of anything you can. So, if you can’t find the power sources out in the open easily, that room is definitely worth checking.

Despite their actual positions varying somewhat, we can help you by telling you what exactly to look for. The power sources are basically like big triangle-shaped batteries. They are about waist high for your character, so they can be pretty easy to see from afar. As an example, look at the picture below.

Alternatively, there’s a little trick. Go to the room with the slot for the 3 power sources. Instead of actually trying to find the power sources, we’ll open it another way. Find a small hole or opening in one of its sides. You’ll be able to look inside the room.

If you look towards the door, you’ll see a green light on the wall. If you shoot it, the door will open for a few seconds. You have to be quick going into the room, though. You can open the door from inside and exit the room when you’re done, but it will close again. Still, this should do the trick for you.

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