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The Cycle Frontier: Map Difficulty Ranked | Best Places to Loot

Similar to other first-person shooting game, Cycle frontier give player maps and places that has different difficulties, each map also features different loots depending on its difficulty.




Since the update, The Cycle Frontier map and loot change a lot. The first thing that you should learn is the difficulty of each map. In cycle frontier, maps difficulties were labeled as Tiers. Tier 1 being the easiest map and Tier 5 being the difficult one.

Map Difficulty Ranked | Best Places to Loot

There are two maps here on Cycle frontier, the bright sand and the crescent falls. We will start at the map where looting is easy and the mobs are not quite difficult to handle.

Map Difficulty: Easy – Bright Sands

Bright Sand is a map that primarily features Tier 1 to 4 looting areas. New players are free to roam around Tier 1 and 2 and will get newbie loots.

Tier 1 to 3 difficulty is also applicable for new players, the mobs were not as powerful as it was. There is also a small portion of Tier 4 area where players can get upgraded loots. Bright sand map was nerfed since the last update.

The next map feature more high-quality equipment and dangerous mobs. This map is buffed and most of the Tier 2 areas were upgraded to Tier 3.

Map Difficulty: Hard – Crescent Falls

Crescent fall is a map that primarily features Tier 3 to Tier 5 difficulty. This map is buffed which is good for avid players who wants to get high-quality loots. Most of the Tier 2 area was changed into Tier 3, both mobs and loots are also buffed.

The jungle area also increases its capacity throughout the map, making it more loot-efficient.

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