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The Cycle Frontier: Loot Guide for Crafting | Which Items to Keep

With limited inventory space, you’ll have to decide which items to pick up during each drop in The Cycle Frontier. Here are materials you’ll need for crafting.




There are a lot of materials you can loot in The Cycle Frontier, some more useful than others. Here are those that will come in handy when crafting.

Which Items to Keep For Crafting in The Cycle Frontier

The three main things you’ll be crafting in The Cycle Frontier are weapons, backpack, armor, and some attachments. Technically, you can also craft consumables, but that’s usually not that useful, as you can either buy or find them on most maps. The materials you’ll need will differ depending on what type of equipment you’ll be crafting.

Materials For Backpacks

There are three types of backpacks you can craft – a Medium Backpack, Large Backpack and Heavy Duty Backpack. Medium Backpack requires Polymetallic prefabricate x2 and Altered nickel x2, Large Backpack needs Textiles x7, Pale Ivy Blossom x5 and Altered Nickle x8 and finally, Heavy Duty Backpack will cost Smart Mesh x3, Dustbloom x2 and Titan Ore x1.

Most of these can be easily found, but Smart Mesh only spawns in Korolev structures, Titan Ore can usually be found in the Dig Site, Pale Ivy Blossoms grow in the Jungle and Dustblooms only spawn on the second map, the Crescent Falls.

Materials For Armor

There are a lot of armor pieces you can craft, so we won’t go over every single material needed. But there are a few that you should always hoard to craft the armor, and these include:

– Hardened Metals

 – Crusher Hides

 – Crusher Heads

– Spinal Base

– Charged Spinal Base

– Brightcap Mushrooms

– Polymetallic Prefabricate

– Rattler Skin

– Scrap Metal

– Waterweed Filament

– Interactive Interface

– Zero Systems CPU

– Smart Mesh

Most of these aren’t super hard to find, but some are a little rare.

Materials For Weapons

So far, the three craftable weapons are the Karma-1, Komrad, and Zeus Beam. Karma-1 requires Letium Clot x75, Meteor Core x10, Interactive Screen x25, and Alpha Crusher x3, Komrad costs Nic Oil Canister x30 and Meteor Core x10 and Zeus Beam needs Alpha Crusher Heart x3, Meteor Core x10, Gyroscope x3, and Flesh x10.

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