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The Cycle Frontier: How to Farm Rare Loot in Jungle

Jungle Tier is the most popular place for player to loot good items at. Here’s how you can farm rare loots in Jungle.




Jungle is a good spot for looting for avid players, however it is significantly buffed by the recent update, making it more difficult for new player to loot rare items. But there are ways on how to properly find a rare item inside the jungle.

How to Farm Rare Loot in Jungle

Most of the players spend their time visiting and roaming around the jungle to get better loots. The first spot to get a rare loot is at the east side of the jungle. Go through the fence and hop up in the top part/second floor of the building. Make sure that you will hit all the weapon crates inside the building. You must do it from the top up to the bottom.

Jungle place is a much dangerous place, meaning there is a higher chance of getting good-quality loots. From, weapons, jewelries, keys and cash that is way more valuable than on the other lower Tiers. Looting for keys is a good step to grab a good weapon box by opening its lock.

Loot the dumpsters

It may be dump, but there are several valuables inside the red dumpster when you are looting in the jungle. You can also loot and get aluminum scrap and smart mesh from dumpsters.

Dumpster at the Comms Tower

Another valuable red dumpster loot is located at the northern part of the Comms tower. You will also get a smart mesh on that spot.

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