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The Cycle Frontier: How to Display / Show FPS Counter

Displaying the FPS Counter is simple; it may require a restart, but it provides an excellent frame rate for gaming.




In this game, a group of humans live on a space station called the Prospect Station. Players take on the role of prospectors, mercenaries tasked with the job of completing contracts on a dangerous planet called Fortuna III.

Players must complete these contracts to earn points, and the players with the most points win if they manage to escape.

How to Display / Show FPS Counter: The Cycle Frontier

The easiest way to determine how well The Cycle Frontier game performs on the hardware it packs is by checking the FPS (frame rate) while in-game. This can be used to diagnose some hardware or software-related issues that might affect the overall gaming performance.

Of course, the frame rate you get will completely depend on your hardware, like the graphics card, processor, and RAM. This guide will show you a way to display your FPS counter in-game.

Game Settings and Steam Settings

So, first of all, you will go to the game’s settings. Under the video settings, you will see the advanced options when you go down. Click on the Show FPS button, and you will see the FPS counter right on the corner of the game.

Another way to display the FPS counter is on Steam. Go to Steam settings and click on the In-game button. After this, turn on the top left and high contrast options then click Okay. Restart your PC, and you’ll see the FPS counter on the corner of the game.

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