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The Cycle Frontier: How to Clean your Stash

As you do more and more missions in The Cycle Frontier, your stash will slowly fill. In order to have space for items you really need, you’ll have to clean it every once in a while.




Although having a lot of items is always nice, your stash space is limited in the Cycle Frontier, which means you’ll have to make space for more items. Of course, that way you also risk getting rid of items that might turn out to be useful later on. So, here are a few ways to efficiently clean your stash.

The Cycle Frontier: How to Clean your Stash

How to Clean your Stash in The Cycle Frontier

Before you’ll get rid of something you might miss, make sure your stash is upgraded to the max. Keep in mind you’ll need materials to do so – including the abundance of Korolev Chips, rewarded for doing Korolev missions.

Deciding What to Keep

Not every material is equally important in The Cycle Frontier. In general, it is a good idea to keep a stack of 10 items that are rare/needed for something, but there are also items that have very limited use, outside of maybe one base upgrade. You can check our material tier list to see which items are worth keeping. Those with barely any use can always be sold to make more space in your inventory.

Oh, and sell everything that you can buy through normal means. It’s much easier to get K-marts than to find a rare weapon – and you might not have space for a rare weapon.

Duplicate Keycards

Sell most of your duplicate keycards. It might be good to keep one or two duplicates on you, so that you can exchange those with other players, but don’t hoard the cards, as they only take up space.


If you have a lot of weapon attachments, use them, even on weapons you barely care about. Think of weapons as caches for your attachments – their role is not to be used in battle, but to safekeep good attachments you don’t have space for. Of course, the weaker attachments can be sold for K-marts, but keep most rare ones on you.


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