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The Cycle Frontier: House on Stilts Location | Doing The Work Part 6

The House of Stilts is a location required as part of the Doing the Work Part 6 quest in The Cycle: Frontier. Here’s how to find it.




This simple guide will tell you exactly where to find and how to enter the House on Stilts as part of the Doing the Work quest chain.

House on Stilts Location in The Cycle Frontier

Entering the House on Stilts is an objective of the ICA’s Doing the Work Part 6 quest. The House on Stilts is found near the North Uplink in the Bright Sands map. It’s not too hard to find, as you should be able to see it from a distance when you are at the North Uplink.

For this quest, you’ll first have to go to the North Uplink and upgrade some data drives at a terminal. From this very terminal, you should be able to see the House on Stilts to your left, not very far away from your current location. This is its position on the map.

As you can see, it’s just a bit southeast of the North Uplink. If you are at the terminal after upgrading drives, go to your left. Walk over the bridge and follow the path when it turns to your right. Just keep following this path and you’ll be at the House on Stilts. Now just walk up the stairs on the house’s exterior and you’re in.

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