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The Cycle Frontier: Dig Site Puzzle | Batteries Location

In The Cycle: Frontier, the Dig Site puzzle is a hotspot for PvPs, but the valuable loot is worth it.




In The Cycle: Frontier, you will plunge beneath the surface to obtain the resources needed to upgrade your gear, complete contracts, and take on formidable opponents.

Explore the numerous districts of Fortuna III and vanquish various deadly beasts. Be wary of other players who want to steal your loot. The Dig Site Puzzle is one of the hottest spots for PvPs since the loot is valuable. However, the puzzle is relatively confusing.

Dig Site Puzzle in The Cycle Frontier

To complete the Dig Site Puzzle, you need to find Batteries and place them in their respective containers.

If you ever get lost, follow the power cables, and it will take you to this area where three containers sit next to each other. This article will show you each location of the batteries and where to put them.

Completing Dig Site Puzzle

To gain access to the first battery shown in the photo above, you will need to transfer the battery to the rightmost container in the area where there are three containers next to each other.

Once you’ve successfully transferred it, follow the power cables until you reach a door with a room. Go up to the second floor, and you will find this. Take it outside and leave it since you will need it later.

Head back to the area with the three containers and transfer the battery to the middle container. Follow the power cables and turn right. Make sure to carry the first battery you took with you.

The power cables on the rightmost will lead you to a room with a container that you will need to put the battery in. This will allow you to access the area with the second battery shown above. From there, turn right and climb up the staircase.

Drop down the railing, and you will reach another room with the second battery.

Now that you found the other two batteries, take the second battery back to the area with three containers, and also take the first that you left in the right room there. Put all batteries in the three containers, and the puzzle is complete.

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