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The Cycle Frontier: Blue Runner Egg Location

Blue Runner Eggs are required for the Egg Delivery quest in The Cycle: Frontier. But where are they? This guide will help you find them.




Primarily used for the Egg Delivery quest, blue runner eggs are a slightly tricky item to find in The Cycle: Frontier. With this simple guide, you should have no trouble at all finding them.

Blue Runner Egg Location in The Cycle Frontier

Blue Runner Egg Location in The Cycle Frontier

Blue runner eggs can be found in many different locations. Just like the quest description states, you should look for alien footprints. These are somewhat shaped like bird feet, to give you an idea of what to look for. Following these prints will lead you directly towards blue runner eggs.

However, if you want one specific spot to look for, we’ll tell you. There’s one small opening on a cliff near North Uplink in Bright Sands. There’s a blue runner egg nestled inside this opening. This is shown in the picture above. As for its exact location, look at the arrow and in a circle in the map below.

While it’s not a hundred percent guaranteed that you will find a blue runner egg there, it’s a good place to look. The game does randomize some elements each session. However, keep in mind what was previously said regarding the footprints. Hopefully, this will help you find a blue runner egg easily.

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