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The Cycle Frontier: Biggest Mistake to Avoid | Beginner’s Guide

Cycle frontier consist a lot of looting, running and killing, but there are mistakes that you should avoid as you playthrough; if you are a beginner in this game.




The latest released game recieved many positive critics from the audiance due to the interestaing gameplay, fun survival concept and good looking graphics. However, don’t let these things fool you, the Cycle Frontier is a difficult game where you need to be focused in order to survive.

With many things going on from crafting materials, to contracts, things can go wrong. In order to minimize things that can go wrong, here are the top mistakes you should consider.

Mistakes to Avoid in The Cycle Frontier

Many players forget about the importance of some of the nature of the game, making it more difficult for them to gain more items and probably die more. There are several mistakes most players do, that you need to avoid.

Manage your stamina

Losing your stamina is not a good thing when you are playing Cycle frontier. This game consists of running which affects mostly the stamina you have, losing your stamina is not a good head start because there are several possibilities of sitting duck against mobs and other players.

Manage your generators and quarters

Managing your quarters give you an advantage of getting free loots every day and will allow you to passively gain money. Upgrading your generator will also allow you to gain aurum, which can be used to buy insurance gears which is much better than the standard.

Manage to get people

When you know how to trick people by using comms might save you from dying. Players tactics always focus on killing but if you know how to get them then you might win them as a team or die in their hands. However, do not let your guard down.

Manage your armors

Fighting is main gameplay of this game, and the more gunshot you get, the more your armor loses its life. Make sure to repair and check your armors every time. You can visit evac centers to repair your armors easily. If the repair is expensive, it is better to buy a new armor or create a new armor from scratch.

Manage your loots

When you decided to wander around, make sure to bring only the items or guns you need. It is better to lose unnecessary items, than to lose everything.

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