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The Cycle Frontier: Best Weapons to Use | Weapon Tier List

If it is about first-person shooting game, then the most efficient tool is to equip the best weapon. Here are some of the Top tier weapon inside the cycle frontier that you should know.




If you are new to Cycle Frontier, it is important to find the best weapon that suits your gam style. However, it is also necessary to choose a weapon picked by avid gamers as the best weapon to use inside the game.

Best Weapons to Use | Weapon Tier List

Here are some of the weapons (types) you can use inthe game.

Pistols – pistols will be the first weapon you will have at the beginning of your journey. Make sure to equip one despite of the type. It is necessary.

SMG – Guns that are good for closed combats. It offers fast reload but have a high recoil.

  • KM-9 Scrapper
  • Asp Flechette
  • Voltaic Brute
  • GunS-S76 PDW

Assault Rifle – Gun that is good for all of the players. It has a nice headshot multiplier.

  • Advocate
  • Gorgon
  • KOR-47
  • Manticore
  • AR-55 Phase Autorifle,

Shotgun – Another best weapon for a close combat. You can use it while moving between shots. It is bad for head shot multiplier but good for the body.

  • Maelstrom
  • Shattergun
  • Riot Gun

Battle Rifles – It is a mixed of assault and sniper rifle. It has a more range of headshot multiplier.

  • KBR
  • Lacerator
  • Phasic Lancer

Sniper Rifles – It is a weapon that dealt higher damage. It is good for players who wants to play within a long-range attack.  

  • Basilisk
  • C-32 Bolt
  • KARMA-1
  • Kinetic Arbiter

Heavy Weapons – These weapons are heavy, which is good for close and long combat shots. The type of weapon’s DPS will depend on the equipped type of gun.

  • ICA Guarantee
  • Zeus Beam
  • HAZE

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