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The Ascent: How to Get to Stimtown

Strap on your cyberpunk goggles, it’s going to be a fun ride.




The Ascent is an action RPG shooter set in a cyberpunk world where you can play solo or as co-op.  It offers a lot of exciting lore and conflict that you can enjoy at your own pace or with a friend.  Whether you choose to do it alone or enlist the help of comrades is totally up to you!

There are certain places in the game that you would have to get through to advance the story.  One of them would be Stimtown.  If you’re having issues getting to this area.  There’s an easy explanation for this particular quest!

How to Get to Stimtown in The Ascent

How to Get to Stimtown in The Ascent

You might find yourself above your level with a quest that needs you to go to Stimtown but find that you can’t.  You would need to unlock Stimtown first by going through the Play the Trace Protocol main mission.

After this mission is done, you’ll be able to cross the bridge to get to Stimtown.  You might need to go through a lot of missions as Stimtown is introduced earlier than this particular part of the main quest.  Rest assured that it’s not a but and you just need to go through the story a little bit more.

That’s all there is to it!  You can then do all the missions you needed Stimtown for and advance through the other areas! 


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FIFA 23: Best Camera Settings to Use

This is the best setting for the Camera on FIFA 23





It is a well-known fact that every player wants to bring the best experience from every game they play.

The visual experience is one of the most important factors of a game. For that reason, EA Sports has given us a plethora of options for the camera position and settings. Here are the best camera settings to use in FIFA 23.

Best Camera Settings to use in FIFA 23

If you play FIFA casually and you just want to enjoy the experience the best position for your camera is Co-Op with the following settings:

  • Camera Height 20
  • Camera Zoom 0

It is the most popular option for casual players as it gives a good angle and position in contrast to the pitch. Alternatively, you can choose the Tele-Broadcast angle.

Ultimately the height and zoom are down to the player’s preferences but, a good rule is to not to zoom in too much because you can’t see the edges of the pitch.

Competitive players mostly use Tele-Broadcast or Co-Op with their personal settings for camera height and zoom. Tele-broadcast allows them to see the players on the other side of the pitch and offer enough vision for the man on the ball. Co-Op gives you a wider overview and is best for players who like to pass and switch the play regularly.

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