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TemTem: Is Smazee the Best Starter?

Smazee is one of the three starters that you can choose from at the start of the game. But is it the best starter out of them all?




As you play Temtem for the first time, you’ll be given three main starters to choose from. These are Houchic, Crystle, and Smazee. While Houchic and Crystle specialize in offense and defense respectively, Smazee tends to sit right in the middle.

Since Smazee offers a good balance between offense and defense, is it really the best choice for a starter Temtem? Let’s find out.

Is Smazee the Best Starter in TemTem?

Before we start, let’s have a brief overview of Smazee first.

Smazee is a Melee type Temtem that boasts of high Attack and Speed stats. However, it does fall short in the Special Attack and Special Defense department. As a Melee type Temtem, it is quite resistant against Melee techniques. On the flip side, it’s easily vulnerable to Digital and Mental attacks.

Unlike the other two starters, Smazee offers a balance of offensive and defensive capabilities. It comes with the Fever Rush Trait which allows it to gain an increase in Attack each time it receives a Status Condition, regardless if it’s positive or negative.

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Now, Smazee’s overview might sound lackluster, but this starter Temtem actually has a handful of good stuff to offer. Let’s dive deep into what those are.

Less Weaknesses to Start Off With

Thanks to Smazee being a Melee type Temtem, the only Temtem types you’d want to avoid fighting are the Mental and Digital types. Luckily, you won’t be able to face many of these Temtem types pretty early on in the game.

In fact, your very first encounter with a Digital type Temtem will be on the fifth island.

Also, you’ll only have to face three mandatory battles on the very first island where Mental type Temtem are there.

Amazing Synergy with Ganki

Ganki is an Electric/Wind type Temtem that offers amazing synergy with Smazee early on in the game. Specifically, Ganki will take care of Smazee’s weaknesses since it’s an Electric type Temtem. On the other hand, Smazee will take care of Ganki’s weaknesses considering it’s a Melee type Temtem.

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This amazing synergy between these two Temtem allows you to perform powerful combos. As a result, you’ll end up breezing through the very early stages of the game.

Quick Access to Aisha’s Hearth

Aisha’s Hearth, which is also referred to as the Earth Shrine, is an area in the game that allows you to power level your Temtem in the end game. However, in order to access this area, you first need to defeat four cultists with an Earth type Temtem only.

Luckily, you should have already evolved Smazee into Seismunch at this point, and guess what. Seismunch is an Earth type Temtem! With Seismunch in your team, you can easily take care of all four cultists, granting you access to the shrine.

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