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TemTem: How to Master PvP Basics | PvP Guide

As an MMO, Temtem also includes PVP elements into the game in the form of Temtem trainer battles.




Temtem’s PVP system involves players sending out their Temtem into battle against the Temtem of other players. However, there is a handful of stuff you should be taking note of other than just having your Temtem fight.

In this guide, I’ll show you everything you need to know about the basics of PVP in Temtem.

How to Master PvP Basics | PvP Guide in TemTem

First off, PVP battles in Temtem are always 2v2, unlike Pokemon which only introduced 2v2 in third-generation games. This means that you’ll be sending two Temtem on your side to fight against your enemy’s pair of Temtem.

Moreover, there’s also a pick and ban system where you can choose 10 Temtem to decide which Temtem you want to use and which you don’t want your opponent to use.

Each of your Temtem will have its own base stats that you can’t change whatsoever. Also, there’s a total of eight different stats that serve as the basis of your Temtem’s strength. These stats include the following:

  • ATK – Determines your Temtem’s physical damage
  • DEF – Determines how much physical damage your Temtem can take
  • SPATK – Similar to ATK but focuses on Special techniques
  • SPDEF – Similar to DEF but focuses on Special techniques
  • HP – Determines the total hit points of your Temtem
  • SP – Determines your Temtem’s stamina which is used to perform techniques during battle
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Stat Values

As your Temtem starts gaining levels, so will its stats. There are also the SVs and the TVs which you can find in your Temtem’s stat screen.

SVs or Single Values determine how quickly a particular stat of your Temtem will increase. It normally ranges from 1 to 50, with the higher value indicating a higher growth rate for that particular stat. For example, if your Temtem’s HP has an SV of 50, it will experience a very fast growth rate for its HP stat every time it levels up.

There’s no way to change this value after capturing a Temtem in the wild. However, since each wild Temtem can have different SVs after capture, you’ll have to catch as many of the same Temtem in the wild if you’re aiming for a high SV.

On the other hand, TVs or Trained Values go up each time you fight certain Temtem. The value ranges from 0-500, and you can only get a maximum of 1,000 TVs for your Temtem. This means that if you want to focus on the maximum value of 500, you can only get two stats up toward that value.

Similar to SVs, the higher a stat’s TVs, the faster its growth rate will be.

Combat Mechanics

Temtem took inspiration from Pokemon’s move system for its combat. You can assign up to four techniques for each of your Temtem, and each of these techniques has its own technique type and effects. You have the Physical techniques that deal physical damage to your target depending on its DEF and your Temtem’s ATK stat.

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There are also Special techniques that are similar to Physical techniques, except that they are affected by your Temtem’s SPATK and your target’s SPDEF. Lastly, there are the Status techniques that don’t necessarily deal damage but instead inflict certain status conditions on the target.

Temtem also makes use of the Stamina system wherein your Temtem uses SP to perform a technique. The amount of SP that gets spent for each technique will vary depending on the technique itself.

Moreover, your Temtem can recover a certain amount of SP each time, though you can increase it by skipping a turn.

While it’s possible to perform a technique even if you don’t have enough SP, I don’t really recommend it. This is because it will overexert your Temtem, and as a result, it won’t be able to perform any technique in the next turn.

Lastly, certain Temtem share a good synergy with one another. This can be really useful as it allows you to cover both of their weaknesses and perform strong combos that are easy to pull off. One such example is the synergy between Smazee and Ganki.

Temtem Types, Strengths, and Weaknesses

Just like Pokemon’s elemental strengths and weaknesses, Temtem has its own version as well. There are twelve Temtem types in total, and most of them will have two strengths and two weaknesses. For example, Fire type Temtem are strong against Nature and Crystal type Temtem. However, it’s weak against Water and Earth.

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If your Temtem is weak against a certain type, it will take two times the damage it normally takes. Meanwhile, if it’s strong against a certain type, it will deal twice the damage as well. On the other hand, if it’s attacked by a type it’s strong against, it will only take half the damage.

You can look at this image to familiarize yourself with the many Temtem types in the game:

Status Conditions

While Status conditions don’t necessarily deal damage, they are quite useful in a lot of ways. In fact, most battles are won by using the right Status conditions. There are negative conditions that will incapacitate enemy Temtem and make them unable to move for a few turns. There are also positive conditions that can grant a boost to your Temtem.

However, a Temtem can only have two Status conditions active at a time. If you try to apply a third one, it will instead replace the oldest condition you have applied. Also, there’s a long list of both positive and negative Status conditions in the game, so it’s worth your time studying them.

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