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TemTem: How to Make Money Fast | Money Making Guide

Temtem offers tons of activities for you to do. However, most of them will require money, which is why you need to make money as quickly as possible.




Temtem’s in-game currency is called Pansuns, and you’ll need a bunch of it in order to buy a lot of stuff in the game. This could be anything from healing items like Balms to the more necessary ones like TemCards.

Regardless of what you plan on doing in the game, you will need Pansuns – a lot of it. Which is why I have prepared this guide to help you make tons of Pansuns in Temtem as quickly as possible. Let’s get started.

How to Make Money Fast | Money Making Guide in TemTem

There are several ways that you can use to make money fast in Temtem. I would recommend doing all of them if possible so you can earn as many Pansuns as you can. They’re as follows:

Sold Items to the Shop

The most basic means of making money fast in Temtem is to sell items to the shop. You can find a number of shops around, so looking for a place to sell them isn’t that hard. However, you won’t be able to make tons of Pansuns this way.

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It’s only a quick means of earning quick cash whenever you need a few more Pansuns to buy something.

Fight Other Trainers

If you’re looking for the main way of making money in the game, then look no further than trainer fights. Basically, you have to fight other Temtem trainers through the game’s many islands to get some hard-earned cash.

The amount of Pansun you can get will be directly proportional to how hard the fight is. This means that the more challenging the fight, the more Pansuns you can get. However, you’ll need to do a bit of exploration in order to find these trainers in the game. Still, looking for them is no doubt worth it.

If you’re tired of repeating the same strategy, you can instead fight other trainer players.

Release Temtem You Captured

By far the most profitable means of making money quickly in the game is releasing the Temtem you captured to the wild. After completing all of your current main quests, you want to head over to the FreeTem! Organization which is right next to the Breeding Center.

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All you have to do is release the Temtem that you no longer need, and then visit the organization for some Pansuns. Of course, the higher the Temtem’s level and rarity, the higher the compensation you can get.

For this, it would be a good idea to aim for rare Temtem and breed them. This way, you can expect a steady flow of Pansuns to come your way. According to a Redditor, there’s one spot in the Anak Volcano that spawns a lot of Temtem on a regular, specifically Magmis and Mastione.

You can take advantage of this farming spot to catch as many Temtem as possible and release them afterward.

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