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Teardown: How to Open Safe

Despite an abundance of safes making an appearance in the game, there doesn’t seem to be any way to open them. Are there only a decoration?




You’re probably going to run into a whole bunch of safes in Teardown, and more often than not, your task will be to simply get rid of them. And since the safes will end up at the bottom of the ocean either way, why shouldn’t you take their contents first?

How to Open Safes in Teardown

Unfortunately, there is no known way to open most safes in the game. They are completely indestructible, and only exist to either be thrown into the ocean or transported using a car. Even if you were to use overpowered weapons from mods, there’s nothing inside most of the safes. But, there is one vault in the game that hides a lot of money for you to find…

How to Open the Vault Door in Teardown

In The BlueTide Computers mission, there is an unbreachable vault that has a lot of money inside. None of your weapons will have an effect on the door, making the loot seemingly impossible to get.

But there is a way to get inside. Left from where you start the mission, there should be a cave. In that cave, there is a ventilation shaft you can open using the sledgehammer. Now, you can build a few small platforms to climb this shaft, using planks.

The metal grating at the other end of the shaft can be easily destroyed. Once you’re inside the vault, you should find a bag of cash worth 400$ and a stack of gold bullions worth 2500$!

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