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Stumble Guys: How to Get Gems

Gems are the most useful currency in the game, allowing you to get almost any reward for little to no effort. But getting any significant amount takes a long time.




Pretty much everything in Stumble Guys can be unlocked using Gems, including new skins and emotes. However, after starting the game, you might wonder how exactly can you get this currency, since simply playing the game doesn’t really reward you with any.

How to Get Gems in Stumble Guys

Gems are a premium currency in this game, meaning your main way of getting them are in-game transactions that use real money. There is an alternative method, but it gives you very little gems. The game is purposefully designed to encourage spending your earnings, since it is free-to-play.


Stumble Guys: How to Get Gems?

As in most games with microtransactions, the more gems you buy, the better price-per-single-gem you’ll get. You can see the process on the screenshots above.

Watching Advertisements

Stumble Guys: How to Get Gems?

Although the internet has been filled with “free ways to earn gems in Stumble Guys”, most of these are either scams or have little to do with the game itself.

The only real way to earn gems for free is by watching in-game advertisements, and you’re not always rewarded with gems for that either. On top of that, you can only get gems this way for some time, as once you’ll watch 50 gem-giving ads, these will be fully replaced with ads that give free skins instead.

At best, you can get between 400-500 gems this way, so plan your budget carefully if you don’t want to use real money.

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