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Spirit of the Island: Fishing Guide

Every relaxing game needs to have fishing, and every fishing system in a game needs a guide, so let’s explain how it works in Spirit of the Island.




 The Spirit of the Island’s February update saw the addition of fishing into the game. Though it’s not all that different from how it works in different games, there are a few things you should know before taking up the rod.

How Fishing Works in Spirit of the Island

Before you’ll start fishing, you’ll need to craft a rod at a workbench, using 2 wood plates, one rope, and a single pack of nails. Of course, better fishing rods can also be crafted, using less common materials.

Crafting Bait

The next thing you’ll need is bait. The simplest bait can be made using worms, found randomly when digging, and a Fat, which is usually dropped by enemies or found in spiky plants. Once you’ll craft it, you have to make sure the bait is in your inventory when you fish.

Catching the Fish

Once you have the fishing rod, equip it and use the action key (left mouse button by default) to cast the line. You can do it in any body of water, but keep in mind that it must have visible fish if you want to catch anything.

 Once the line is cast, just wait until the fish will bite. When it does, you’ll need to time your button presses well to catch it. Of course, different types of fish vary in how difficult they are to catch.

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