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Spirit of the Island: Farming and Crafting Guide

Crafting and Farming are the pillar stones of the game, but how do they work exactly?




Like most life-sim games, Spirit of the Island features crafting and farming, and as per usual, the game’s take on these mechanics has its own little quirks and nuances. So, examine those two things in more detail.

Crafting in Spirit of the Island

Crafting in Spirit of the Island

Pretty much every useful thing in the game needs to be crafted. There are two types of craftable items – those that need a specific structure to be made (like a workbench) and those that can be made on the fly, as long as you have enough materials. In fact, most of the structures you need for further crafting can be made using materials only.

Menus and Materials

Menus and Materials

From the crafting menu, you can choose what type of item you want to make. You’ll need to have enough materials and a set level of some skills, like farming. From this menu, once you’ll craft something, all you need to do is place it.

But, things crafted using Workbenches or Furnaces take time to be made, so you can do something else as you wait for the crafting to finish. These structures also allow you to craft more complex items, like nails or duct tape, but the process is identical to how they’re made in the menu. Although, you can select how many items of a certain type you’ll make at one, if you have enough materials.

Farming in Spirit of the Island

Farming in Spirit of the Island

One other thing you can do using the crafting menu is made farm crops. These can be used for farming. Once placed, you need to plant seeds and water them every so often. It takes a few days for them to grow, but the exact time depends on the crop you want to harvest. Other structures can help to smooth this process – sprinklers, for example, will water the crops for you.

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