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Skull and Bones: Treasure Map (Old) Location

Plunder your way to richness!




Hunting for treasure is probably one of the first things most people will think of when a pirate game is mentioned. Skull and Bones is filled with a ton of different treasure chests and maps that can help find these chests.

In your journey as a pirate in Skull and Bones, you most probably will come across Treasure Maps(Old). These maps are a type of treasure map that you can get in the game. So, where do these maps lead?

Like all treasure maps, the Treasure Map(Old) also leads you towards a treasure. We will be looking at how these maps can be used, and what you can expect to get when following these maps.

Treasure Map (Old) Location

a treasure map(old) on board a merchant ship.

The Treasure Map(Old) types of maps can be found in many different places. You might be able to find these maps on vessels such as Trader Ships when roaming the seas. When you take down a ship, you will be able to loot everything that it is carrying. So, if it is carrying a map, you will also get the map.

the treasure map

These maps can be inspected, and like all treasure maps, they exist to guide you to a treasure. You will get clues and hints that are meant to help you get to the location. The game also allows you to track these maps, making it easier for you to find the location of the treasure.

In the case of our map, it tells us that the location is near the Coast of Africa, and gives us a picture to help us find the island. Treasure chests are a great way to make a lot of Silver in Skull and Bones. Alongside the silver though, you will also get many useful resources and Commodities.

Looting the Chest

orange light on top of the treasure location

Once you are on the island highlighted by a Treasure Map(Old), you will need to find the chest on it. The game helps you in this, as once you are close to the treasure, an orange light will emit on top of the treasure. This can be seen in the image above.

the rewards you get when looting a chest

Dig up the chest, and loot it to get your rewards. Always be on the lookout for maps and treasures as they can net you a lot of loot. Everyone likes to make easy money, and treasure chests are one of the easiest ways to get rich in Skull and Bones.

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