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Skull and Bones: How to Win More Battles at Sea | PvP Guide

Master the games PvP battles.




Alongside the main story in Skull and Bones, you can also test your strength in PvP battles. Skull and Bones does not have a dedicated PvP mode for now, so PvP can only be played through special events.

PvP events can net you some very special and unique items. To get these items though, you will need to be able to win PvP battles. Luckily for you, we have put together an essential PvP guide to help you win more and earn the special rewards.

How to Win More Battles at Sea

To win more PvP battles, its important to have a good and strong ship. Besides having a good ship though, its also important that you know how to captain the ship well. Combining both of these elements is extremely important for success in PvP.

Upgrading Your Ship

weapon menu with the different weapons that can be equipped

The firepower of your ship is very important in PvP battles. You can give yourself an edge over other players by having stronger weapons that can deal more damage. Look for Blueprints and weapon upgrades when playing the main story to improve your weapons.

As you play through the game, you will be able to unlock bigger and better ships. Ships that you unlock will not only be stronger, but they will also allow you to equip more weapons. You can increase your fleet size and get a collection of very powerful ships.

exterior of ship with armor equipped to it.

Besides weaponry, other upgrades for your ship are also important. Your ship’s armor and furniture that you equip also have an effect on your ship’s strength. In this case, improving your defense will give you a much better chance of surviving PvP fights.

Captaining Your Ship

A ship is only as good as the captain controlling it. In any kind of battle in Skull and Bones, the way in which you captain your ship has a huge impact on the outcome of the fight.

The main thing you must take care of in ship combat is the positioning of your ship. You want to be able to maximize your damage, but at the same time make it hard for your opponent to hit you.

in game shot of a ship battle

Constantly moving in Skull and Bones is essential, as hitting a stationary target is very easy. You might miss a few more shots when moving, but you also make it harder for the enemy to land hits on you.

A cool aspect of combat in Skull and Bones is the weaknesses and strengths of certain weapons and armor. Different weapons and armor in this game are strong and weak against different things You can use this to your advantage.

Having a variety of weapons on your ship will give you strong options against almost any opponent. Upgrade your ship to make it stronger, and then master it to win any PvP battle.

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