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Skull and Bones: How to Get Cannons

Get Cannons and improve your arsenal




When it comes to versatility, there aren’t many weapons better than Cannons in Skull and Bones. These classic instruments allow you to deal respectable damage at a good range.

Unlocking and equipping your ship with Cannons will give you the necessary firepower to take on the seas in Skull and Bones. Cannons are the first weapon you can equip your ship with and it is essential to unlock them to go further in the game.

How to Get Cannons

arms and guns contract

Like most other weapons and weapon upgrades, you will need to go the Blacksmith to unlock Cannons. Upon interacting with the Blacksmith, you will be able to start the “Arms and Guns” contract. This contract acts as an introduction to crafting in the game and helps you get started.

To complete this contract, you will need to craft:

  • 3x Culverin I
  • 120x Cannon Balls

Once the contract is complete, you will have the items you crafted and earn a separate reward for completing the contract. Contracts in general, are a great way for you to start new quests and earn unique rewards.

Crafting Cannons and Cannon Balls.

You can craft both the items at the Blacksmith right after accepting the contract.

cannon crafting menu

The cannon that you will need to craft is the Culverin I. To craft one Culverin I, you will need 6 Bog Iron and 70 Silver. Keep in mind that you will have to craft 3 of these cannons to complete the contract.

cannon ball crafting menu

Crafting Cannon Balls is a bit different as you will have to craft an Ammunition Crate in order to get the Cannon Balls. One Ammunition Crate will give you 100 Cannon Balls. So for the contract, you will need to craft 2 of these crates.

Equipping Them to Your Ship

equipping the cannons to your ship

After you are done crafting the items, the contract will be complete and you can claim your rewards. To equip your newly crafted Cannon and Cannon Balls, head to the Weapons section in the ship menu.

The first ship in the game has 3 weapon slots, so you can equip all of the Cannons you just crafted to your ship. Later on in the game, you will be able to unlock ships that allow you to equip more than 3 weapons

As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock stronger Cannons and a lot more weapons. Be on the lookout for Blueprints of these weapons and use the Blacksmith to craft them.

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