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Skull and Bones: How to Get Access to the Helm Secret Society

Become an expert smuggler




One of the coolest things that you will be able to unlock in Skull and Bones is the Helm Secret Society. The Helm is basically a secret society that allows you to trade in the black market. It is a very important part of the game and gives you the complete pirate experience.

Before becoming a part of the Helm, you will first need to unlock it. Once unlocked, you will be able to freely access it and also upgrade it to earn more money and gain plenty of other benefits.

How to Get Access to the Helm Secret Society

the 2500 silver required to accept the contract

To get access to the Helm, you will need to complete the “Taking the Helm” contract. You can access this contract through Yanita Nara, the manager of “Le Pont Muet”. “Le Pont Muet” is a tavern that can be found in the pirate den Sainte-Anne.

The “Taking the Helm” contract acts as your initiation into the helm and lets you know how exactly this secret society works. You will need to have 2500 Silvers to accept this contract. There are some easy ways in which you can earn a ton of silver very quickly in this game. Having Silver on hand is always useful in a game like Skull and Bones.

Entering the Helm

entrance to smugglers hideout

Once the contract has been accepted, you will need to enter the Smugglers Hideout. You can find the entrance to this hideout behind Yanita Nara. Go up to the entrance and press enter to get inside the hideout.

the helm supply network description

Upon entering the hideout, a cutscene will start that shows Yanita Nara explaining how the Helm secret society works to you. She will also tell you about the Helm’s Supply Network and explain your role in it.

Finish watching the cutscene and complete the quest to gain full access to the Helm. You will then be able to access more Helm missions and also use the black market whenever you want.

The Helm is a great way for you to earn tons of profit and increase your wealth in Skull and Bones. Alongside that, you can also increase your Infamy Level, giving you access to cool upgrades and unlocks.

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