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Shadowverse: How to Get Leaders

With dozens of leaders to choose from, and a variety of different ways to obtain them, it might be hard to know how to get the one you want.




There are a lot of leaders you can use in Shadowverse, and though most don’t really influence the way the game is played, they add a lot of cosmetic variety to your deck. But there is no one way to collect leader cards, as different types of leaders are obtained through specific means.

How to Get Leaders in Shadowverse

By default, you’ll have the leaders of each class available to you from the beginning. To get more, you’ll either need to spend rupies, crystals, get lucky drops, or find them in card packs.

Purchasable Leaders

Purchasable Leaders

A lot of leaders can be bought in the game’s shop. Some can be purchased using in-game rupies, but others – mostly leaders from collaborations with other franchises – have to be bought with crystals, which cost real money.

Leaders from Card Packs

Leaders from Card Packs

A lot of leaders can be obtained randomly, as cards from Card Packs. The drop rate, however, is incredibly low – usually oscillating around 0,03%. Some of these will require packs from the Rage of Bahamut expansion. A lot of leader cards obtained from card packs are simply alternate versions of the default leaders.

Story Mode Leaders

Story Mode Leaders

One specific leader – Nexus – con only be obtained by completing the story mode of the game. There are also a few leaders that only appear in story mode and cannot be used elsewhere.

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