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Season: Graffiti Artist Trophy Guide

The owl spreads her wings over prosperity!

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season graffiti artis trophy guide

Funny how the world is about to end and all that can be done is to record as much sound, photos, and experiences the mind can think of passing down to the surviving generation. Season tends to have a somber undertone like that. This all happens in the game of course! Thankfully the world is in no rush to cave in as you’re still free to explore around the valley and meet new people. Another thing you can do is get trophies and achievements. You’ll want to let the future generation know how well-travelled you are after all. In this guide we’ll show you how to get the Graffiti Artist trophy!

Graffiti Artist Trophy Guide | Season

In Season, there are places all over Tieng Valley that you can visit that ties to some sort of achievement or trophy that can be easily missed. You will either have to use your camera, record a piece of audio at a specific place, or just talk and interact with someone. This achievement will require even less than that!

season graffiti artis trophy guide2

If you’ve been to the eastern side of the valley with the park bench then finding this spot should be no problem for you. Follow the yellow crosses that heads towards the north, you’ll know you’re in the right place when you find another map upstream.

season graffiti artis trophy guide3

Next to that map is a dirt path that leads to the mountains, you’ll be taking a left turn though. Follow the trail and keep going forward after you go past the makeshift wooden bridge. Shortly after that you will come across a giant rock with an unfinished art piece at the bottom, this is where you disembark.

season graffiti artis trophy guide4

After you’re done taking in the view grab the piece of paper next to the chair and then approach the bucket right next to the graffiti. You’ll be presented with choices regarding what you want to paint, go ahead and choose whatever you want!

season graffiti artis trophy guide5 2

And that’s it! Once you finish leaving the mark of your choice you will get the Trophy for Graffiti artist. Now go up that hill and try it for yourself, those legs won’t be pedaling on their own you know!

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