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SANABI: There Is Nowhere To Run Achievement Guide

Don’t you want to play with your daughter?

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SANABI: There Is Nowhere To Run Achievement Guide Featured Image

In the 2D action-platformer Sanabi, you play as a legendary veteran who has retired to have a simple, quiet life with his little daughter. Years of violence took his arm, and instead, it gave him a prosthetic arm. He uses it to defeat his enemies and make his way to the final stage.

“There is Nowhere to Run” is one of the many achievements in the game. And you can earn it at the very beginning. All you have to do is ignore your daughter as much as possible. How? This guide will explain how to earn the ” There is Nowhere to Run ” achievement in Sanabi.

There is Nowhere to Run Achievement

In order to get the “There is nowhere to run” achievement in Sanabi, you’ll have to go to the right side of the map while the daughter asks you to play with her.

At the beginning of the game, you wake up from an existential dream in which you chat with your daughter. As you get up with a million things on your mind about your current and past lives and existential questions, you walk to your daughter.

But the moment she realizes that you are awake, she runs to you with her inexhaustible energy.

After she excitedly shows you the scarecrow she made and claims it looks like you, she asks you to play with her.

SANABI: There Is Nowhere To Run Achievement Guide

We get it. You are tired, and sometimes, dealing with a child’s endless desire to play can be a little overwhelming. Nobody will judge if you prefer to go to the right side of the map, which is the opposite direction of the house, instead of going into the house for the box.

However, your daughter will not give up easily. She will keep trying to talk you into playing with her. Don’t underestimate her. Because the inevitable will happen, and she will pull you inside the house on your fifth try.

Although, you will have yourselves a shiny new achievement. “There is nowhere to run”. Yes, you will have to play with her eventually.

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