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SANABI: How To Beat The Factory Boss & Overseer

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SANABI: How To Beat The Factory Boss & Overseer Featured Image

In this game, you enter the captivating world of SANABI, a 2D action-platformer where you take on the role of a retired legendary veteran. He is settling into a quiet life with his daughter. But there is one more job to do.

Now, in this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of how to beat the Factory Boss and the The Overseer you encounter during the mid-game of Sanabi.

How to Beat The Factory Boss

Beating the factory boss in Sanabi can be challenging, especially if you are playing with higher difficulty levels. However, you can adjust the difficulty level if it decreases the joy the game offers. Nobody will judge you.

Also, you can rebind the charge dash to a more convenient key. This can prevent conflicts during gameplay.

SANABI: How To Beat The Factory Boss

It is better to know that you can stop charging by hitting the space bar for more precision.

Take your time until you carefully observe the boss’s patterns and attacks. Form the best strategy that works for you. And be patient. Avoid rushing into attacks, especially during the charge phase.

The Factory Boss in Sanabi might seem like a significantly hard challenge. But it is not impossible. You can increase your chance of defeating it by observation, adaptation, and strategic adjustments.

Good luck and may your encounters with the factory boss be triumphant!

Sanabi, The Factory Boss fight.

How to Beat The Overseer

The Factory Boss is not the only obstacle you will come across in this adventure. In this chapter of Sanabi, you will be watched by The Overseer!

In fact, it is the only overseer in this factory, and it seems like it doesn’t want you in the factory.

SANABI: How To Beat The Factory Boss & Overseer

Exit the Control Room and run to the right. Jump on the platform to the right and use the mechanism to levitate yourself upwards.

Activate the button and continue going up by jumping onto the ascending platform.

Proceed to the right until you reach the wall. When you arrive, leap onto the platform above to access another button. Activate the button and then return, using the mechanism in the first corridor on the left to ascend.

Locate the next door at the top left, positioned beneath another platform. Utilize the machines to trail your way upward and find the next button in the first room on the left.

Use the machines to trail your way upward and find the next in the first room on the left.

Continue ascending with the second room on the left. Take the first left on the upper side. It will lead you to the elevator.

The overseer’s attention is definitely on you.

Run to the right and levitate upward.

Repeat the process and levitate up again. Jump on the platform at the right.

The Overseer will block the way, so hurry up!

Run to the left as you touch the ground to return to the control room.

In the cutscene, you will learn that you are the hero who needs to draw the attention of the only overseer in the factory while Mari escapes.

And, this mission, which sounds like a suicide task, is not easy to achieve. You will be running from the giant camera in thrilling music once again. Are you ready?

Wait for The Overseer to look the other way and start running. On the right, jump on the platform above the entrance and activate the door button.

Follow the way to the entrance; on the furthest right, there is another button.

Ascend to the upper side and pass through the doors you had just unlocked. You can open the next door by using the button on the platform above.

Follow the way until you encounter the button near the entrance. Simply activate that too, to unlock the door.

Jump on the upper platform and go to the left, where you will find another button.

Be careful in this part. It is a little risky to jump in front of The Overseer. Always consider your safety first when jumping on the mechanisms.

Especially when you need to jump from here to…

Here. Now, you can go back and head to the right. You must hide yourself while going. Don’t let the camera guy catch you.

Carefully follow the road and be ready to accelerate; otherwise, it will see you.

You must keep going right to reach the following button. After you find it, you can go through the entrance on the upside.

The Overseer is no longer watching you closely, but high-density plasma lasers are waiting to welcome you. Avoid them by using the platform above and heading to the right.

Hide behind the terrain to avoid lasers. On the upper left, you will find the button activated by getting through.

Use the terrain to find your way and activate the button. Then, take a deep breath because The Overseer has joined.

When you go up, you will see that the right side of the map is blocked with lasers. But don’t worry.

Go to the right from the platform above and use mechanisms to avoid lasers.

After activating the button, levitate yourself using the mechanism as a shield.

On the right, go up and turn left. Activate the button.

Turn back and carefully follow the way down.

On the furthest right, you will find the button. Activate it and follow the path that opens.

Activate the button by passing it.

Find another button and activate it. You are almost there.

Keep going until you encounter the vertical laser blocking the way, then follow the only path possible. Down… Now, you will be able to get through by hiding from lasers.

You will encounter The Overseer once again. Remember to hide from it and find the buttons. Also, don’t forget to adjust your settings according to your game style and form the best strategy that suits you. Be careful when you get inside its range because it will shoot lasers!

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