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Return to Monkey Island: Pegleg Achievement Guide

Return this item to unlock the achievement.




The adventures of Guybrush Threepwood continue in the Return to Monkey Island, the sixth installment in the series. As Guybrush is getting close to obtaining the secrets of Monkey Island, you are going to revisit some of the iconic places popularized by previous games.

One of the achievements you can get is the Pegleg Achievement, and we are going to show you how to obtain it.

Pegleg Achievement Guide in Return to Monkey Island

The game is all about puzzles and strategies that can be completed if you pay attention to the clues around. But not everything is given as is; there are hidden achievements throughout the game.

For example, you can obtain the Pegleg achievement by returning an item back in the first area of the game.

Unlocking the Pegleg Achievement

The first part of the game shows you 2 boys that are playing. You then reach a point where one of the boys tells the other that they should buy Scurvydogs. You’ll find a coin you can use to buy Scurvydogs. Afterward, you’ll find more tasks to do.

To obtain the Pegleg achievement, you just need to bring back the Pegleg with a key. This is the same Pegleg you used to unlock the doors of the outhouse, from where you obtain a coin to buy Scurvydogs.

Get inside the house that sells Scurvydogs, open your rucksack, and drag the Pegleg with a key back to the place where you got it from to obtain the achievement.

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