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Return to Monkey Island: Mess Around and Explore Achievement Guide

Complete the following to finish the task.




Return to Monkey Island is part of the Monkey Island series, and it is its sixth installment. The game recently came out and you are again going to play as Guybrush Threepwood to revisit some of the iconic locations of the series.

One of the tasks that you obtain in the game is to mess around and explore; we are going to show you how to complete it.

Mess Around and Explore Achievement Guide in Return to Monkey Island

At the beginning of Return to Monkey Island, you are shown 2 kids that are playing and pretending to be LeChuck and Guybrush Threepwood.

After you obtain a coin and buy Scurvydogs, you are then going to receive the “Mess around and explore” and “Find our real parents” in the ToDo list found inside your rucksack.

Completing the Mess Around and Explore ToDo List

When you go outside of the house that sells Scurvydogs, the “Mess around and explore” will be triggered in the ToDo list. Head to the right and meet up with Dee, who will give you 7 instructions.

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Check out the anchor

After talking to Dee the place is going to zoom out and you are then going to see an anchor. You just need to click on the anchor to finish the task.

Beat Chuckie in a race

On top of the anchor is a racing track, click on it to have a race with Chuckie.

Feed the duck

On the right side of the racing track, you are going to see a pond that has a duck on it and a couple. Grab some bread at the side of the couple. Open your rucksack and drag the bread to the duck to feed it.

Add some sauce to my Scurvydog

At the right of the dock, on the road you are going to see ketchup on the ground, pick it up by clicking on it. Open your rucksack and drag the ketchup to the Scurvydog.

Practice swordfighting

On the top of the screen is a stage, click on it to start the task practice swordfighting.

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Find a four-leaf clover

On the bottom right of the screen is a sign that has a four-leaf clover on it. Click on the sign to read it. Click on the patch of grass to obtain a four-leaf clover.

Make a wish at the wishing well

On the rightmost part of the screen, there is a wishing well. You need a coin to make a wish, which you can obtain from behind the foot of Guybrush,. Open your rucksack and drag the coin to the well to make a wish.

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