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Predecessor: Jungle Beginner’s Guide | The Basics

Welcome to the jungle.




Dive into this new fast-paced MOBA FPS by Omeda Studios. Predecessor is supposedly the remake of all remakes of Epic Games’ abandoned Paragon. Currently, on closed beta, the game marks the rebirth of a classic. 

Players have the option to choose between 30+ different heroes with different characteristics and roles. Moreover, the game is available on console and PC and allows for cross-platform play.

Jungle Beginner’s Guide for Predecessor

In this guide, we show you all the basics about the Jungle in this Jungle Beginner’s Guide for Predecessor, so you can navigate your way through with ease and help lead your team to victory.

What’s a Jungler?

Junglers play a specific role in MOBA games. They’re expected to juggle camps and gain levels while also being aware of every other lane.

Knowing laning fundamentals and states is key to a good jungler. This is a role that involves actively out-thinking the opponent in real-time. 

The point of this role is to have a fifth member of the team be able to farm while also having the secrecy of being in the jungle.

A lot of jungling in Predecessor is very farmfocused. You don’t want to come out and gank too often because if the other jungler stays in the jungle, they’re going to stay ahead of you.


The Hunt is your one ability. This is the last hit ability that deals 500 true damage to an Enemy Minion or Monster. This ability is how you clear your jungle. You can get a maximum of two charges for this but players start off with one.

The Hunt scales with all of your stats to do true damage, restore mana, and restore health, and is the one skill that allows you to do early-game jungling.

Description for the Hunt skill.

A really important part of jungling is that you have to know how to manage farming and ganking (exiting the jungle to help laners by attacking their opponent). This is important because of the Hunt’s second passive.

This is BGH – when you kill 40 jungle monsters (anything inside the Jungle) this will increase your stacks and you can hold down your ctrl key to see how many stacks you are at in the game. 

When you get 40, your blade ability will go into Wild Hunt. So instead of 500 damage, you do 1000.

Be in Either Blue or Red (Preferably Red)

In the early game, you can put a ward down and do whatever you want. But make sure you’re at one of the jungle spawns at 1:25.

This is the perfect time to be there so you’re perfectly on time to kill enemies as they appear. If you’re basing in the jungle, you’d want to leave at 1:02

One of the jungle spawns.

River Buffs

At every odd minute starting at minute 3, river buffs are going to spawn. You have a choice as a jungler where you continue to farm or help midlaners by setting up kills.

Some junglers prefer to just keep their farming on rotation and do Full Clears (clearing the entire red side and then clearing the entire blue side)

It’s up to you as a jungler to decide what to prioritize. For anyone who’s never played jungler before, you just want to keep yourself in the game, and then at certain points in the game help your team.

As a jungler, you want to be aware of what’s going on at the visible off-lanes when you’re farming. 

As you’re clearing camps, look into the lane to see if there’s a potential gank. 

Knowing When to Go Back to Farming

If you’re in the shop, there’s a Vision tab. As a jungler, it’s recommended to use Sentry which you can use to sweep forwards.

If there’s a ward when you’re ganking, decide whether you want to continue with the push or return to your farming rotation. 

As far as ganking, if you have a really strong early jungler like Rampage it’s more acceptable. But in general, if you’re a brand new jungler, you can go for a full clear on your first spawn and that should be all right. 

Remember that as a beginner, you are scaling yourself into the game and pushing yourself into level 6; which is the more acceptable time to be ganking for more impact.

Ultimately, jungling will depend on your build and your confidence.

Ganking & Going Into Position

You can gank and use that to put you into a position where you can run back across mid and continue to farm or go for an invade. You can use your positioning to “steal” from the enemy jungler.

All in all, everything said here will eat up around 4 minutes of the match. This is something you can do over and over again with every single character and should give you a strong start to each match.

You don’t need to gank or overexert yourself in the first 4 minutes and put yourself behind.

Just remember that as a jungler, you need to farm and you need to stay farm-relevant. This means that you should be farming enough to keep up with the laners who are buying items, but you can’t ignore your team forever. 

At around level 6 as you’re farming your way to a lane, ask yourself if you’re capable of assisting your team when the opportunity presents itself.

Let the laners dictate when you can actually gank and don’t hesitate to use your sentries and make sure you do the objectives when you earn the abilities to do it.

Create scenarios where doing the objective is appropriate.

And that’s it! This guide doesn’t touch on builds to keep it as simple as possible. We hope that this Jungle Beginner’s Guide for Predecessor helps with the basics. A huge thanks to Krashy over at his channel for his in-depth guide on jungling. Check out his video for more details if you need them.

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