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PowerSlave Exhumed: Is There A Co-Op Mode?

PowerSlave Exhumed captured the interest of fans of this genre, offering a unique setting for those craving a Doom-like game. Like most games of the FPS variety, it could be more fun with friends.

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Though that is the general consensus, PowerSlave Exhumed was originally a single-player affair. Traversing the Ancient Egyptian setting alone and battling it out with powerful enemies adds to its difficulty level, making sure you have the skills to clear the game by yourself. In this day and age, though, especially in our current situation, people love games that allow them to play with friends despite the distance. So does Powerslave Exhumed have a Co-Op mode?

Is There A Co-Op Mode? – PowerSlave Exhumed

The short answer is no, there isn’t a co-op mode for this game and most likely would never be if the developers would remain faithful to the original.

People might be interested in exploring Ancient Egypt with a friend, comparing scores and completing levels together, and it certainly is a deal-breaker for some to not have access to such a feature.

This first-person wonder had always been a single-player fare, some would hope to have at least split screen capabilities for a buddy and it would be plausible because of Steam’s remote play, but there is no discussion as of the moment.

This could be a bit of a let down for most players, but it’s not exactly out of the window just yet.

The developers recently ported another game that had no co-op features but managed to add one and we might see the same for PowerSlave Exhumed in the future.

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