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Power To the People: Can You Pause the Game?

Power To the People challenges you to manage the power resources of growing cities in order to make sure that they will live comfortably with electricity. Those refrigerators won’t power themselves!

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It offers hectic gameplay that makes you think on your feet, especially when it comes to hurdles it throws you along the way. Be it in the form of short circuited wires, power station shutdowns or overloaded capacitors, it’s your job as the CEO of the electric company to cater to your city and make sure everything’s running as it should be. The challenge comes from when the problems arise at the same time, sometimes in multitudes, that leaves you no room to breathe. A lot of players’ questions would be, can you pause the game? The answer is both yes and no.

Can You Pause the Game? – Power To The People

Make sure to not hit towns with your NIMBY radius!

While there is no active way to pause the game once it starts, Power to the People offers two game modes right before you jump into the action.

High Energy or Strategic mode caters to different types of players, and while most hardcore, time management and resource management players would choose High Energy for a more realistic approach to the game, the laid-back players can enjoy a moment’s breather if they choose Strategic mode.

In Strategic mode, the game pauses automatically once the clock strikes midnight. This would then allow you to make the necessary upgrades or fix whichever lines are broken– anything you wanted to do – until you decide to move on to the next day.

While it’s not the active pause where you can just pause whenever you want that players wanted, it’s a good game mode that makes the game a bit more palatable for those just starting.

It would still be challenging as the city grows but it at least offers reprieve if you’re panicking once the amount of problems in one day of the game become too overwhelming for you to solve.

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