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Potion Permit: Potions Guide

Learn all about potions in the game.




Potion Permit is an action-adventure RPG, and the gamble reminds you of other life-sim games like Stardew Valley. It is about the story of a chemist that must use alchemy to help the residents of Moonbury.

One of the important things in the game is potions, which can be used to cure ailments and heal villagers. We are going to show you all the things you need to learn about them.

Potions Guide in Potion Permit

The game Potion Permit recently just launched. When residents of Moonbury fall ill, they are going to call for you and it’s your job to brew potions to help cure them.

Using tools, a brewing cauldron, and your trusty canine companion, you need to diagnose symptoms, gather ingredients, and brew potions to cure ailments.

Brewing Potions

To brew potions in Potion Permit, you must first gather the required materials in the forest. You need to forage around the area and sometimes fight monsters for their parts that are needed in brewing a potion.

After collecting all of the ingredient, head back home and go to the Brewing Cauldron to brew potions. Upon brewing, you are presented with a shape that also indicates how many ingredients you need for the potion.

You just need to follow the shapes to brew. Once it is ready, select Start Brewing. Go back to the ill resident and use the potion that you brewed to cure them.

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