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Path of Exile: Reflecting Crafting Guide | Lake of Kalandra

Learn about the new mechanic in the upcoming update.




The latest Lake of Kalandra update for the Path of Exile brings new features to the game. There are nerfs and adjustments to strong builds like the Lightning Strike Berserker, in an attempt to keep everything in balance. There is also a new mechanic called the Reflecting Mists.

If you’re like a lot of players looking for a guide, don’t worry. We are going to teach you what you need to know about this newly added feature.

Reflecting Crafting Guide in Path of Exile

The Reflecting Mist is the new mechanic in Path of Exile, which uses mirrored tables that can be itemized, sold, and bought. They have varying sizes, where can put either a ring or an amulet inside to duplicate it. Keep in mind that you can take one away, but the other must stay.

Reflecting Mist

For the Reflecting Mist to work, you need to put 2 similar amulets or rings. But on each item, a set of mods will be negated. Meaning, there are mods that can be multiplied, while some are “reflected” or becomes negative. Keep in mind that the further you are from the entrance of the map, the greater the multiplier for this mod is.

The best way to use the mist is to only prioritize the mods that you want from your item. Another way is using Doryani’s Prototype. Using amulets increases the chances of producing better results.

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