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Path of Exile: Best Skill for Inquisitor Miner

Pick these skills if you have an Inquisitor Miner build.




As the upcoming 3.19 update in Path of Exile draws near, you can start strategizing which build you are going to start the next League.

You can go with the Venom Gyre build or the Lightning Strike Berserker build. Or perhaps the Inquisitor Miner build, which is our main topic for this article. We are going to show you its best skills. Eyes here!

Best Skill for Inquisitor Miner in Path of Exile

The Inquisitor Miner in Path of Exile is the Ascendancy class for the Templars. The miner build remains a powerhouse in the game, and it is one of the best builds for defeating Bosses.

The Inquisitor possesses many skills that can be used, but these are the best skills to use to dominate the game.

Best Skills

 The following are the tiers for the skills available for the Inquisitor Miner build:

  • E tier, not advisable to use
    • Frost Bomb
  • D tier, not advisable to use
    • Glacial Cascade
    • Storm Call
    • Lightning Warp
    • Mana Bond
    • Purifying Flame
  • C tier, playable but not recommended
    • Stormblast Mines
    • Rolling Magma
    • Ice Spear
    • Firestorm
    • Arc
  • B tier, playable, but not great
    • Wave of Conviction
    • Spark
  • A tier, all are good
    • Blazing Salvo
    • Creeping Frost
    • Fireball
    • Freezing Pulse
    • Ball Lightning
  • S tier, the best skill to use
    • Eye of Winter

Even if Eye of Winter is the best skill to use, there remain several skills that can out damage it, especially when fighting against mobs, such as the Blazing Salvo. However, Eye of Winter is a cold skill, which means, it freezes everything it can hit, making it a strong and recommended skill.

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